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Ultimate Front End (UFE) is not to be confused with Universal Front End (also UFE)

Ultimate Front End or UFE for short is a very fast, stable, and awesome front end program. Why use a Windows based front end that is 2 megabytes and requires you to download 50+ DLL files just to play a DOS based emulator? Why even have Windows open when everyone knows it slows down every DOS emulator?

Which other front end can support every DOS emulator by letting it's users create and customize thier own scripts? None ....

The next generation of Front Ends are here, and UFE will run them all! How does it work? UFE runs scripts (the main menu is a script) which in turn are each a seperate Front End. Anybody can create and compile a script simply by reading this DOC, using a text editor, and compiling it with UFE.

Since each script file "*.UFE" is different please reads it's documentation (if any) on how to use it.


Ultimate Front End





VBS 1998







John Bull 3

[ What's new? ]

First initial release
Full menus, with light bar options
Support ALL ZSNES options
CFG file for each ROM
Name roms, ect...
Includes sourcecode
Download to see!
(still very beta though)
UFE v1.0d
Added more scripting commands
Fixed tons of bugs
UFE v1.0c
Fixed more bugs
Added more scripting commands
Fixed some typos in the DOC
UFE v1.0b
Included source for UFE.UFE (source.zip)
Fixed the NAME command bug
Added more scripting commands
Fixed a lot of small bugs
Added more script to UFE.UFE
UFE v1.0a
First initial release
There was a VERY BIG nasty bug that made it impossible to run UFE v1.0a, sorry

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